Can I Find Actors Agencies if I Don’t Live in Los Angeles?

Actor agencies are not limited to Los Angeles and neither are actors. Although Hollywood is the most renowned location in show business, there are films, commercials, and theatre performed in numerous cities around the world. So here are a few tips to help you land a actor agent no matter where you live.

Training is the number one rule to finding an actor agent to represent you. There are so many people who want to act that it takes a loaded resume to even get considered. Acting classes are a great addition and will show actor agents that you’re serious about acting. Also, broaden your arsenal of acting weapons by taking different classes such as playing instruments, dancing, and martial arts. Some of these skills are unique and will make you more valuable to directors and producers.

Stay positive. It’s a tough world for actors and only through diligence and hard-work will you make it. Actor agents will not represent someone who is pessimistic and complains. So no matter how tough things seem, make the most of it.

Hire a professional to help you write a great resume and send it to actor agents. There are many professionals, such as Smart Girls Productions, who are committed to helping actors get started in the business. Give yourself an advantage over the others by letting these people help you.

Although actors are needed in a lot of cities, there are a number of places that an actor would never get any work. However, that doesn’t mean you have to move to L.A., just make sure that you’re in a city where there are actor agencies because chances are that if there are no agents, there is no work.